by B.WaV

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Nature or Nurture
we are all just plants looking for water
searching for love in a vast world full of deserted land.


released August 31, 2015

destiny, mign, and Dont flex produced by Ryan Frankel
GEMS produced by Daniel D'artiste
Cold Truth produced by Nick Leon



all rights reserved


B.W^v Florida

South Florida Songwriter. Sing/ Rap. Enjoy the wave

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Track Name: Destiny
baby you special, but you already knew that
kisses i done blew that
winking at you thinking how i got to snatch you
them other bitches they can never match you
not even on a blunt
apologize if im passive, excuse me if im blunt
short with my words but i know i what i want
and its true that its you
but we'll save that for later
both of our phones dead,writ your number on this paper
it was so nice to meet you, ill call you or see you later
cuz honey you so sweet and i aint talking bout the flavor
you comprehend the conversation is amazing
but apprhend that your heart is for the taking
or the breaking, well im just saying
that when we stood together
we look good together
i know better but i hope this moment last for ever
and if it dont I'll fnd a way to rap about it clever

baby you and me
cant oyu see its destiny
baby you and me
i feel like its destiny
baby dance with me
baby lay with me
baby you and me
baby you and me
its destiny
Track Name: MIGN
be careful what you say
be careful what you wish for
cuz in a special kind of way, i just wish we kissed more
cuz i been dreaming bout your lips for days
trynna figure what your whisper says
if you happen to call me
i promise i wont be too late
cuz im already on my way

i can tell you wish i made a move
just be patient ima make one soon x2

what if i made you mine
or mine just for the night x2
Track Name: GEMS
Tell me What you believe in
Would you fight for what you love/
but you don't really fight you just love/
heart too big - never had a shot- nose was too snub/
heard there was snow inside the club/
guess it was all about the slope/
nope make sure you grab your coat/
nothing definite but hope
no chasers just coke/
I'm just Trynna help you cope - with w.e that your going thru /
I got advice and some vices for what you going thru/
you know it's true - but Bambi is it dear to you/
say what- I mean crystal is it clear to you /
I just need to be near to you/
and hear from you - drop precious gems in the ears of you/
Baby im here for u /
Track Name: Dont Flex
you can be real with me girl you dont have to flex
tell me how how you want it, im pulling on your hair grabbing on your neck
you can be real wih me girl your dont have to flex
tell me how you feel are emotions really real or is it just sex

in the heat of the moment
i might say some things i dont mean to say
i might tell you leave when i mean to stay
and give you a hard time whn you need your space
in the eve of the morning
the liquor and the weed might lead to lust
vulnerability might lead to trust
if i sing your favorite song can i see them guts
cuz i just need to get up in them
i just need to get up in em
soon as i get you out them denim
i just need to get up in em

baby just bounce !!!!!! Dont Flex !
Track Name: *Bonus track* Cold Truth
Tell me,
Tell me ,what your hoping for
Show me everything you been working for

cuz you focused on yourself
concentrating on yourself and i noticed x2

i cant help but noticed this aura, this glow to you
and i cant ignore these emotions that i grown for you x2